Precautions for use of non-smoking oven
1. Handle with care during transportation. Don't put it upside down, side up, heavy pressure and violent vibration to avoid damage. If the infrared burning plate (furnace head) of the barbecue oven falls off due to the violent vibration and turbulence, please do not panic and restore the plate directly.
2. Low pressure valves are used in the gas oven series, and medium pressure valves or high pressure valves are prohibited.
3. When air leakage is found, the coal gas valve should be closed immediately and used after repair by the maintenance department.
4. When barbecuing, please avoid splashing water and oil at will, and avoid dripping oil on the burning board, otherwise, there will be certain oil smoke.
5, grill, barbecue stove top rack for wire structure, in the process of long time high temperature barbecue, heat bilges cold shrink physical reaction will happen, it slightly soft, or mild distortion, this is a normal phenomenon. Due to limits on the highest temperature of barbecue pits, barbecue rack will never be burning-out burn out, when barbecue frame occur deformation, need to use tools to toggle the centralizer slightly, and when after the barbecue, the deformation of barbecue general will recover automatic cooling rack. Of course, if you need more solid barbecue grills, it is recommended that you can order pure steel structure grills in the street hardware store.
6. During the barbecue, there must be water at the bottom of the oven, not dry burning.
7. The starting time of the fan is generally 70cm -- 1.2m, with a fan (small electric fan on the side). The starting time of the fan is determined to ignite the infrared ray plate until it is red. Generally, the fan can be turned on 3 to 5 minutes after firing.